Paul’s CV

2018 Serendipity
82min Feature Documentary
Director, Prune Nourry,
Producers: Alastair Siddons, Sol Guy
Prune Nourry Studios
Official selection Berlin Film Festival 2019

2017 Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist
85min Feature Documentary
Director, Lorna Tucker
Producers: Eleanor Emptage, John Battsek, Nicole Stott
Passion Pictures
Official selection Sundance Film Festival 2018

2017 The Detectives: Murder on the streets
Edited with Kevin Konak and Paul Dosaj
4 x 60 min Documentary series
Directors: Dan Vernon, Louise Malkinson
Producers: Colin Barr, Ruth Kelly
Minnow Films
Winner RTS award 2018 for best editing

2016 The Cult Next Door
60min Documentary
Director Vanessa Engels
Producer Claire Patterson

2016 The Last Whites of the East End
60 min Documentary
Director Kelly Close
Producer Emma Wakefield
Lambent Productions

2015 The Traffickers
50min documentary
Director Nick Read
Producers Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn
Lightbox films

2015 Being AP
edited with Kevin Konak
93 min feature documentary
Director Anthony Wonke
Producers Nick Ryle, John Woolcombe
BBC Films, Partizan
Official Selection Toronto film Festival

2015 My Scientology Movie
102 min feature documentary
Director John Dower
Producer Simon Chinn, Joe Oppenheimer, Charlotte Moore
BBC Films red box films
Official Selection London film Festival
Best Film, NME awards 2016

2014 Every Last Child
92 min feature documentary
Director Tom Roberts
Producers Anna Melin
Image Nation

2013 The Legend of Shorty
85 min feature documentary
Directors Angus Macqueen, Guillermo Galdos
Producers Andrew Mackenzie Simon Chinn
Film 4, BFI, frontline films, red box films

2013 Garnets Gold
78 min feature documentary
Director Ed Perkins
Producer Simon Chinn
BBC Storyville, Passion Pictures, red box films,
Best International film, Docville Fest

2012/13 Alfred and Jackobine
87 min feature documentary
Director Jonathan Howells
Producers Tom Roberts Rob Flecher
Film Agency for Wales, BBC Storyville

2012 Notes from the inside
one hour documentary
Director Ursula Macfarlane
Producers Jeremy lee Tabitha Jackson
Freshone,productions C4

2012 24 hours in A+E
Two one hour documentaries
Director Jo Abel
Producer Nick Curwin
The Garden, C4

2012 Out of jail and on the streets
One hour documentary
Director Ben Rumney
Producers Simon Ford, Emma Wakefield
Lambent productions, BBC1

2011 Darcy Bussell Dances Hollywood
90 min Christmas special
Director Michael Waldman
Producer Ed Coulthard
Blast! Films BBC2

2011 Fighting on the Frontline – Choppers
one hour documentary
Director Ruth Kelly
Producers Simon Ford Morgan Matthews
Minnow Films, C4
Nominated for best documentary series, RTS awards

2011 Adopting Abroad, Saira’s story
Two one hour documentaries
Director Pamella Gordon
Producers, Ninder Billing, Charlotte Moore

2010 Calvet
92min feature documentary
Director Dominic Allen
Producer Dominic Allen
Firewalk Films
Selected for the Jury prize, Sheffield Doc Festival 2011
Selected for the Edinburgh Film Festival 2011

2010 The War on Drugs/Afghanistan
One hour documentary
Directors Angus Macqueen, Monica Garnsey
Ronachan Films, C4
Nominated for best Doc series, Broadcast awards 2011

2010 Leaving home at Eight
One hour documentary
C4, Cutting Edge
Director Charlie Russel
Pod. Co. North one television

2009 An Iranian Martyr
One hour documentary
bbc2, WGBH
Director Monica Garnsey
Pod. Co. Ronachan Films
Winner, current affairs emmy awards 2010
Nominated for best news Doc, Broadcast awards 2011

2009 Orphans of the Storm
One hour documentary
Dispatches CH4
Director Jeremy Williams
Pod. Co. Quicksilver Media

2009 The Hospital – Episode1: A+E
One hour documentary
Director Jessica Verslys
Pod. Co. North One Television for CH4
Nominated for best editing, RTS awards 2009

2009 The 7th Cav
90 min Feature Documentary
Director Tom Roberts
Prod co. BBC Storyville, October Films

2008 Turn it Loose
93 min Feature Documentary
Director Alistair Siddons
Prod co. Partizan Films. Mk2
Selected for the Edinburgh Film Festival 2009

2008 Nauru
90 min Feature Documentary
Director Juliano Salgado
Prod co. Film Oblige, Circle Bleu, Arte

2006 The Insurgency
One hour documentary
bbc2, WGBH
Director Tom Roberts
Pod. Co. October Films

2005 Summer with the Johnsons
One hour documentary
Director Finn McGough
Pod. Co. RAW television

2004 Inside the mind of a suicide bomber
One hour documentary
Director Tom Roberts
Pod. Co. October Films
Nominated for Grierson award 2004

2003 The Ghosts of Rwanda
115 min Feature Documentary
Director Greg Barker
Prod co. Silverbridge/WGBH
Winner Peabody award/Nominated for Emmy Award 2005

2001 Murder by Numbers
50 min. Doc
Independent Film channel
Directors Mike Hodges – Paul Carlin
Prod Co. Minerva Picture Company

2000 American Nightmare
85 min Feature Documentary
Independent film channel
Director Adam Simon
Prod. Co. Minerva Picture Company
Selected for the London Film Festival 2001

2000 Salgado’s Spectre of Hope
50 min. Doc with Sebastiao Salgado and John Berger
co-production HBO +BBC Arena
Director/Editor Paul Carlin
Prod. Co. Minerva Picture Company
Selected for the Montreal Festival of Film 2001

1999 Staying Lost
Four part observational series
Directors Tom Roberts – Paul Carlin – Pamela Gordon
Prod. Co. October Films – Channel 4
Winner of the BBC Indie award for best factual film Nominated for RTS award for best editing 2000

1997 The Death Train
90 min documentary
Director Tom Roberts
Prod. Co. October Films/Ch4
Winner Golden Hugo Award for Best Documentary

1997 Prommers
one hour documentary
Director Helen Richards
Prod. Co. October Films

1995 Baby its You
3 40 min films
Directors David Hickman/Leanne Klein
Prod.Co. Wall To Wall
CH4 – Discovery, USA
Emmy Award for best doc. Series

1994 Visions of Heaven and Hell
Two one hour films –
Directors Mark Harrison/Leanne Klein
Pod. Co. Barraclough Carey/Ch4
Nominated for Best editing; RTS awards 1995


2011 In The Dark Half
BBC Films/ Bard entertainments/ iFeatures
Cast: Tony Curran / Lyndsey Marshall/ Jessica Bardem
Director: Alastair Siddons

2007 White Lilacs
Thema Production
Cast: Evgeni Tsyganov / Victoria Tolstoganova
Director: Pavel Loungin

2006 In Tranzit
Thema Production
Cast: John Malkovich / Vera Farmiga
Director Tom Roberts

2003 I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
Paramount Classics
Cast: Clive Owen / Charlotte Rampling
Director Mike Hodges

1993 Dust Devil (directors Cut)
Miramax/Palace Films
Cast: Robert Burke / Chelsea Field
Director Richard Stanley